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Up with the Upperdog!

Posted: February 14, 2013 in Goals
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While working on a project at work today, I came across a type-written script from an internal radio broadcast. It was in with some papers from the late 60’s early 70’s, so I thought I’d give it a read.

Two things struck me: 1) we used to have a radio station at our facility??? 2) this could easily have been written TODAY, as the same things apply.

Once home, I googled part of it, and was surprised to find a page from a newspaper called “The Andover News”, dated November 9th, 1967. It has a column called “For Society’s Sake: Up with Upperdogs!” Turns out it was written by the late Dr. Upton, President of Beloit University in Beloit, WI. (BOLD emphasis added by BigZig)

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did:

For Society’s Sake: Up with Upperdogs!

Dr. Upton

I have just about reached the end of my tolerance for the way our society at the present time seems to have sympathetic concern only for the misfit, the pervert, the drug addict, the drifter, the ne’er-do-well, the maladjusted, the chronic criminal, the underachiever, the loser – in general, the underdog.

We have lost touch with reality and become warped – if not in fact psychotic – in our attachments.

IT IS TIME for SOMEONE to stand up and say, “I’m for the upperdog!”

I’m for the achiever.

The one who sets out to do something and does it.

The one who recognizes the problems and opportunities at hand and endeavors to deal with them.

The one who is successful at his immediate task because he is not worrying about someone else’s failings.

The one who doesn’t consider it ‘square’ to be looking for more to do, who isn’t always rationalizing why he shouldn’t be doing what he is doing.

The one, in short, who carries the work of his part of the world squarely on his shoulders.

Not necessarily the wealthy, the ones in authority, the gifted. Just the doer, the achiever – regardless of his status, his opulence, his native endowment.

WE ARE NOT born equal; we are born unequal. And the talented are no more responsible for their talents than the underprivileged for their plight.

The measure of each should be what he does with his inherited position. No one should be damned by the environmental condition of his life – whether it be privileged or underprivileged.

It is a dying fashion to pay respect to those who achieve – who really ‘have it’, to use the vernacular. This the the day when the fashion is to be for the underdog.

The attitude is being developed that if you really want people to care for you – who doesn’t – don’t be successful. Be a misfit, a loser, a victim of one’s environment.

I’m not sure of the reason for what appears to be a general psychological aberration. But I suspect it springs from a massive social guilt.

THE ONE MOST CERTAIN point is that our problems will be solved by doers – not people with good intentions, but people with good deeds…not those who talk a good game but those who play a good game – the achievers.

We will never create a good society, much less a great one, until individual excellence and achievement are not only respected but encouraged.

That is why I am for the upperdog, the achiever, the succeeder.

I’m for building a better society. And this will only be done by those who take seriously their responsibility for achievement , for making the most of their native ability, for getting done the job at hand.


As profound now as it likely was then.

What say you????


I’ve asked a few people who I know outside of the web-world how they define wellness, and most of them are quick to answer “being physically fit” or “being in good shape” and “being the right weight for me”. While I think that these are worth-while pursuits, they don’t really encompass Wellness as a whole.

As I read the many blogs and articles that show up in my feeds, I am reminded that wellness isn’t just about physical fitness. Quality time with family and friends is an aspect, as are giving back to the community, eating healthy foods, spiritual involvement, and mental health. Of these, there are two areas in which I lack…confidence in to say that I am a Well Rounded person; Spiritual and Mental Health.

For me, being a spiritual person and being a religious person are two different things. Spirituality, for me, is being in touch with a power or force bigger than ourselves. This could be in many, almost any, form. It doesn’t involve worship, per se, but more involvement in the group/belief/vision/community related to that higher power. One doesn’t need be fully devoted to one philosophy in order to be spiritual. If so chooses, one can pull from many religions as a base for their spiritual beliefs.

Religious beliefs, in contrast, are limited to one sect, one way of believing in a specific higher power or Supreme Being. Religions, to me, fit themselves nicely into a set of rules for believers to follow; a certain way of behaving and things that need doing in order for that person to reach the promise land, heaven, or whatever that religion calls its after life. There are some readers who may disagree with me here (Mom?), and that’s ok.

I’m not proposing that either way is the right way to believe. That isn’t for me to decide. I’m simply laying it out why I feel that I am not well rounded based on my views of spirituality.

The other aspect where I fall flat is mental health. Hey, I’m doing the best that I can and every day I wake up and put my teflon coat on again. Trouble is, someone along the way used a metal spatula to scrape my coat, and the DuPont covering has blemishes. Sometimes things stick to it fora bit loner than I’d like them to before falling off and going down the drain.

Those things said, I am a work in progress, and I am happy with that. Being happy with where I am carries me a long way along the path to being Well Rounded.

What are some things that you struggle with on your journey? Share them in the comments!

Thank you,


What’s In a Name?

Posted: December 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I am the oldest grandchild on my father’s side of the family, and am named after my grandfather. We both shared Eugene Zigmont Soboleski until he passed in 1997. I miss him to this day, and find myself talking to him more often than I thought I would. But this isn’t about that…

He had nicknames for all of his grandkids: Ker-bear, Beav, Cuppetti-girl, etc. His nickname for me was Zig. I can still hear him say, “Hey, Zig, bring me that 9/16″ socket, will ya?” I have 2 other male cousins on that side, and after they were born, I became “Big Zig”.

I have a son, who we didn’t name after my dad (I hope i don’t suffer any bad ju-ju for breaking tradition!). My Dad called him “Ziggy” and “Zig” until my sister had a son. Now he calls Carson “Zig” and Bryce is known as “Big Zig”. See what we did there?

When I first became involved with Twitter (yes, we have a relationship) I wanted my handle to be “BigZig”, but it was already taken. I immediately thought that perhaps one of my cousins had taken it, but they hadn’t. I belongs to someone who doesn’t even tweet…seriously. I’m not happy about it, but hey…So I chose @boutdrz (be outdoors), as that had once been my license plate. Every so often I would tweet the meaning and pronunciation. People seemed accepting of the name, so I didn’t think much of it. Until very recently.

My life is changing in ways that I didn’t really expect it to, and I feel that it is time for me, in part at least, to be re-born. For over a year I’ve been wanting to get certified as a personal trainer. I talked about it on my other blog, so I won’t go deep into it here. Suffice to say I WILL be certified in 2013. The good Lord willing and the Creek don’t rise (which has nothing to do with water, btw). As I’ve been thinking about being a part time trainer, I’ve thought about how I should start branding myself. Keeping the moniker “boutdrz’ just didn’t seem to roll off the tongue easily enough; i’d likely have to explain it to every potential client. Then I looked back into my memory banks and came up with, naturally, BigZig Fitness.

Catchy, and serves as an homage to my grandfather.

So I welcome you to these pages, and encourage you to join me along my journey. If it suits us, our fitness and wellness paths will cross, and we’ll both be the better for it.