Are you NEEDY???

Posted: February 7, 2013 in Goals
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Recently I was told by a mental health professional, “you just described yourself as needy”. As if i needed to hear THAT…SOOO helpful, thanks. I pay you HOW MUCH??? Jackwagon.

Those were my original thoughts. I’ve had several hours to mull it over, and here’s my new reaction to what he said: SOOO helpful, thanks. I pay you HOW MUCH??? Jackwagon.

He had asked me a question to which I answered “because I feel invisible, like my ideas, thoughts, and comments don’t matter. I don’t feel like I bring any value to the table.” He looked right at me and said, “youjustdescribedyourselfasneedy”.

And you know what? I AM NEEDY. I NEED to have my thoughts validated. I NEED to at least believe that my input matters. I NEED to feel loved. I NEED to run/exercise/hike/play/have fun. I NEED COOKIES.

If we take a good look at ourselves, we ALL have needs that extend beyond food, oxygen, and shelter from inclement weather. We DO. And those needs help us define who we are to other people. Is there such thing as TOO NEEDY? Perhaps, but that is a subjective matter; we all have different levels of needy-acceptance for other people in our lives.

I am planning to examine my NEEDS versus my WANTS, and then go from there. I encourage you to do the same. Once we’ve decided which true NEEDS are not being met, let’s work on what steps we should take to FULFILL those NEEDS in a way that won’t cause others to push us away.

I think we can all benefit from this exercise. You?

  1. I am needy too. And I can admit it. I love what you were saying about how when we evaluate what our needs are and see that they aren’t being met we can then work on taking steps to either meet our own needs or put ourselves in situations where they may be met… *hugs*

  2. I’ve done this exercise before. And what I about to say doesn’t necessarily apply to you, but it’s the conclusion I’ve drawn for my own self: Certain needs I have — they may go unmet forever. I have to accept that fact. The faster I do, the quicker I can get on with others things pertaining to my life that are in front me. And if in the process, I just happen to stumble upon and un-met need that suddenly gets met, that is bonus points. Life does not play fair. That truth stings me to the heart when I think about needs not being met. But still… I am happy.
    (Ps. I need cookies, too)

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