#Attune chat answers for 1-9-13

Posted: January 10, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I look forward to being able to participate in the weekly #Attune twitter chats. There are several people who show up every week, and we always seem to pull in new people too. A great bunch, they’ve tolerated and come to expect my impromptu #DipChallenge that I started back in October. I get a good, quick workout in (usually around 250-300 dips during the half hour chat), and we have fun with the word of the day.

Today, though, I had a schedule conflict at work and was unable to attend the #Attune chat. Fear not, though, as I am about to give my answers to the questions posed this week!

Q1: Do you have any healthy eating goals for the year (or the month or the week?)

A1: Yes. Next question, please. AHAHAH just kidding. I am going to incorporate more fish, more fresh veggies, and more roasted veggies into my eats this year. I also intend to get a gas grill this spring so that i can enjoy grilled meats and veggies. I’ve missed out on most of those things for the past several years, and am very excited to get back to that way of cooking!

Q2:  How important is accountability & community to your healthy eating goals / healthy living?

A2: Accountability is so important, I named my old blog “Accountability” to remind me to hold myself accountable for my actions. Community is important in that it is there (here?) that I go for ideas for new foods, new twists on standard items, and as a place to bounce my own ideas. I also enjoy the dialogue that the online community offers. Most people are very positive and supportive, which is nice. It is also nice to have those friends who are able to call me to task when I start to lose focus.

Q3: Do you have any goals or actions on keeping your space in line w/ healthy eating goals?

A3: By space I assume that you mean domicile? (hat tip to @MizFitOnline)Yes, I do. Recent events have placed me in a new house, and I am keeping all of my foods either in the fridge or in view on the counters. I am fortune to have enough space to do that, and my intention is that it will keep all of my good foods in easy reach. Since I am the one purchasing the food, I am careful to only buy foods that are good for me (pay no attention to the empty orange cream ice cream container in the trash…move along now…). I’ve started putting fruits in a bowl so that I see them right away when I feel like having a snack. So far, this has been working ok for me.

Well, folks, that’s all the time we have for today. Be sure and check back soon. Better yet, just subscribe, and I’ll magically appear in your mailbox!



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