Are you Well(ness) Rounded?

Posted: January 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I’ve asked a few people who I know outside of the web-world how they define wellness, and most of them are quick to answer “being physically fit” or “being in good shape” and “being the right weight for me”. While I think that these are worth-while pursuits, they don’t really encompass Wellness as a whole.

As I read the many blogs and articles that show up in my feeds, I am reminded that wellness isn’t just about physical fitness. Quality time with family and friends is an aspect, as are giving back to the community, eating healthy foods, spiritual involvement, and mental health. Of these, there are two areas in which I lack…confidence in to say that I am a Well Rounded person; Spiritual and Mental Health.

For me, being a spiritual person and being a religious person are two different things. Spirituality, for me, is being in touch with a power or force bigger than ourselves. This could be in many, almost any, form. It doesn’t involve worship, per se, but more involvement in the group/belief/vision/community related to that higher power. One doesn’t need be fully devoted to one philosophy in order to be spiritual. If so chooses, one can pull from many religions as a base for their spiritual beliefs.

Religious beliefs, in contrast, are limited to one sect, one way of believing in a specific higher power or Supreme Being. Religions, to me, fit themselves nicely into a set of rules for believers to follow; a certain way of behaving and things that need doing in order for that person to reach the promise land, heaven, or whatever that religion calls its after life. There are some readers who may disagree with me here (Mom?), and that’s ok.

I’m not proposing that either way is the right way to believe. That isn’t for me to decide. I’m simply laying it out why I feel that I am not well rounded based on my views of spirituality.

The other aspect where I fall flat is mental health. Hey, I’m doing the best that I can and every day I wake up and put my teflon coat on again. Trouble is, someone along the way used a metal spatula to scrape my coat, and the DuPont covering has blemishes. Sometimes things stick to it fora bit loner than I’d like them to before falling off and going down the drain.

Those things said, I am a work in progress, and I am happy with that. Being happy with where I am carries me a long way along the path to being Well Rounded.

What are some things that you struggle with on your journey? Share them in the comments!

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