What’s In a Name?

Posted: December 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I am the oldest grandchild on my father’s side of the family, and am named after my grandfather. We both shared Eugene Zigmont Soboleski until he passed in 1997. I miss him to this day, and find myself talking to him more often than I thought I would. But this isn’t about that…

He had nicknames for all of his grandkids: Ker-bear, Beav, Cuppetti-girl, etc. His nickname for me was Zig. I can still hear him say, “Hey, Zig, bring me that 9/16″ socket, will ya?” I have 2 other male cousins on that side, and after they were born, I became “Big Zig”.

I have a son, who we didn’t name after my dad (I hope i don’t suffer any bad ju-ju for breaking tradition!). My Dad called him “Ziggy” and “Zig” until my sister had a son. Now he calls Carson “Zig” and Bryce is known as “Big Zig”. See what we did there?

When I first became involved with Twitter (yes, we have a relationship) I wanted my handle to be “BigZig”, but it was already taken. I immediately thought that perhaps one of my cousins had taken it, but they hadn’t. I belongs to someone who doesn’t even tweet…seriously. I’m not happy about it, but hey…So I chose @boutdrz (be outdoors), as that had once been my license plate. Every so often I would tweet the meaning and pronunciation. People seemed accepting of the name, so I didn’t think much of it. Until very recently.

My life is changing in ways that I didn’t really expect it to, and I feel that it is time for me, in part at least, to be re-born. For over a year I’ve been wanting to get certified as a personal trainer. I talked about it on my other blog, so I won’t go deep into it here. Suffice to say I WILL be certified in 2013. The good Lord willing and the Creek don’t rise (which has nothing to do with water, btw). As I’ve been thinking about being a part time trainer, I’ve thought about how I should start branding myself. Keeping the moniker “boutdrz’ just didn’t seem to roll off the tongue easily enough; i’d likely have to explain it to every potential client. Then I looked back into my memory banks and came up with, naturally, BigZig Fitness.

Catchy, and serves as an homage to my grandfather.

So I welcome you to these pages, and encourage you to join me along my journey. If it suits us, our fitness and wellness paths will cross, and we’ll both be the better for it.


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